Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
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City of Heroes is a big pile of s***!

Yesterday, I was playing City of Heroes without a hitch. I wasn't getting knocked off of the networks and had no trouble signing in. But dammit, today it downloads Yet Another Fricking Update and once again, it locks up when I go to logon. It's like it's an on-again off-again program. And it's bleeding off again!

I would love to like this game. I would like to love this game. But it's been nothing but a pain in the ass for me since I installed it. It protested that I didn't have up to date drivers. So I updated the drivers and it liked me again - only Diablo hated me with the new drivers. I found drivers in between the two ages and both games decided they could live with me. But then it updates itself and I can't play it. But then it updates itself and I can. But while I'm playing it, the servers keep disconnecting on me. ARGH! So now it's back to not letting me log in. Stupid stupid stupid!

I really can't see myself subscribing to it when my 60 day card expires. Damn, stupid game! *sniff*
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