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The weatherman was a little off...

The forecast for today was a little snow in the morning, probably tapering off by 9am. Less than an inch accumulation.

In reality, the snow started early this morning and kept going, and going, and going...

We don't have the 20" that occurred in December, but it's sure been purty! We had about 2 1/2" when I took out the trash. We'll probably wind up with 4" total. But it was slickery snow and they ended up letting the kids out early today and canceling all evening activities. I stayed the full time cuz I was going to walk home anyhoo. Got a bit of tech stuff done, which suited me just fine.

Tomorrow night's when we're supposed to get a proper snowstorm. With freezing rain and real accumulation. Makes me wonder what we'll really get instead... ;-)

PS: I made elsaf's mushroom soup recipe (which she got from Anthony Bourdain) tonight. Delicious! But I'm sleepy now! Let's hear it for sherry in soup!
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