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Leo's Famous!

Check out this week's Guest Cat spot at The Kitten's Pyjamas. You'll see a rather familiar sight - my Leo! Woohoo! They were looking for more cats to feature during the Guest Cat spot, so I submitted Leo. Thanks to moosifer_jones for mentioning that they were looking for cats. :-)

Today was a good day. Firstly, there was snow! YAY! Secondly, dad preached at the UU. It was basically a sermon about science and literacy. Really well done - and I'm not just being biased cuz I'm a scientist, neither. :-) Then, mom showed me how to make her vegetable soup. While it cooked all day, I cleaned up the place some, and when it was supper time, the folks came over and we had veggie soup, cheese (cheddar and sage derby - both very yummy), crackers, and pineapple. For dessert, dad and I had fat free pudding and mom had sugar free Jell-O. We watched The Princess Diaries 2 while we ate (and after we were done eating).

So, definitely a good day. :-) Tomorrow I have a day off of school, and I don't have anything planned, yet. Sounds like a good day to me!
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