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For the Anal Retentive DVD Collector!

It was ages ago when gregmce mentioned DVD Profiler in an e-mail to a list we're both on. Heck, could be over a year ago now. At the time, I installed the free program and tried a few of my DVDs. Apparently, I entered 3 of 'em, but IIRC, I had troubles with some of my R2 discs, so I sort of lost interest. Tonight, however, while looking around my computer for directories that I could delete, I found DVD Profiler, downloaded the latest version, and checked it out. And ended up inputting my entire DVD collection!

So what is DVD Profiler? It's basically a database for your DVDs. It has hundreds of thousands of DVDs by UPC code (and many other bits of info). Type in the UPC code, and it'll include a photo of the cover & back panel, the actors present, etc. So for 10-12 numbers typed in, you have everything you need to know about the DVD. It's sweet - and what's more, it found every DVD I owned but 2. The one, Jackanory: Alice in Wonderland, I wasn't at all surprised about. But the other one was Daria: Is It College Yet? Since it had the other Daria DVD in its database, I was a bit surprised. I probably should have looked for it by title, but I just typed it in and moved on. Heck, it had The Airzone Solution and The Mumbo Jumbo in its database - and they're pretty obscure!

Now, the most coolest aspect of DVD Profiler is that you can upload your DVD database for public consumption - woohoo! So I've done that, if anyone's terribly interested in seeing it. Here's my DVD Collection! I like the idea that I can double check while I'm off vacationing that I don't already have a particular DVD. (Yes, I own so many DVDs that I've bought doubles on accident. Of course, I have a number of titles that I bought doubles on purpose.)

DVD Profiler has a free version to it, which is what I'm currently using. But for $30, you can get it ad free and get free upgrades. I'm seriously pondering this. I like ad free. :-)

(You can't imagine how much fun I've had doing this... Damn, I am SO Anal!)
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