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First Sentence Meme

Interestingly enough, I did write a post on the first of each month in 2004. Cool. :-) So here we go. Wonder if it makes any more sense than my usual posts?

Thanks to my using Judi's computer while writing this entry, there's still 25 more minutes left of my birthday. You know, I still dunno what GIP stands for, if it stands for anything... So, this is gonna be a very disjointed post. You know you're addicted to LiveJournal when you suddenly think of an LJ icon you can design... I always wanted a surprise birthday party, and today, I finally got my wish. If you read about my quest to purchase Big George as read by Sylvester McCoy, you may be happy to know that it finally arrived! I have wonderful friends. So, fellow geeks, anyone know how to set up an ad hoc Peer to Peer network between two machines with 802.11g wireless cards? I'm sure there are people out there who can decide they're not going to worry about something and then don't worry about something. When I was much younger (high school age or so) I would occasionally get lockjaw thanks to my gritting my teeth while sleeping. This weekend was a fun one. As gregmce and warinbabylon have mentioned in their journal entries today, it is World AIDS Day.

Nope, I'm afraid it's not any more sensible than my usual posts. Sorry!
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