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A Fine Day Out & In!

What elsaf said! :-)

Elsa did a fab job on the rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, taters, carrots, soup & salad! If you're lucky, maybe she'll cook for you someday!

judiang told me that I had to save some snow for her to shovel, and today, after our day out shopping, she shoveled a path to my trash (tomorrow morning is trash pickup) and then went out and shoveled a path in the sidewalk. At least, from my place to the folks' place. :-) No more trudging through the street! Elsa wants to know when Judi's ready to move to Michigan. Finding someone who WANTS to shovel snow is a rarity.

Tomorrow, Elsa heads back north (wah!) but Amy & Rachel will be coming (yay!) And tomorrow night is the gathering at the Short's. We've had our gathering with the Andersons, and that was most pleasant. And we'll get to see some of them again on New Year's Day, probably. Tomorrow, however, Judi gets to experience the Short Family Christmas (extended). I think she'll have a ball. Granny's gonna love her since Judi's already said she's ready to clean the kitchen when we're done eating. :-)

Well, the CD that was playing on my computer is done, so now I can play around with City of Heroes - woot!
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