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Santa's First Visit!

elsaf and judiang arrived today, safe und sound! Yay! We headed off to the Evil Puppy Mall since it was the only place showing Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. The movie's impressive to look at and the music is brill. And that's really all I went for, so I rather enjoyed it. :-)

After the movie, we actually went into the Evil Puppy Mall (the Mall at Fairfield Commons) and went to the pet store. And once again, they tried to steal Judi's soul with a cute little baby Pomeranian. Judi even picked out a name for her. Thankfully, Elsa and I were strong enough to pull her out of the store and distract her with Xbox accessories at the game store in the mall.

With a bit of pulling and prodding, we got Judi out to the car and headed off to Jeet India, the Indian restaurant I wrote about earlier this month. We had a delicious supper with an assortment of things. Then onto Meijer in Troy to get a few groceries and essentials. (Elsa is making us supper tomorrow night - woohoo!) I bought a set of Christmas Crackers since we're all Anglophiles and I'd never actually used one before. We finally got back home and it was after 10pm! Grand day out, indeed!

Once we'd rested up a little, we had our gift exchange. First we played with the crackers. We were rather disappointed in their explosive ability, but the cute little novelties, bad jokes, and paper hats were a hit. Then we opened presents. Judi got me City of Heroes - woohoo! Elsa got me a nice measuring cup and a KNIFE. A really nice 8" Calphalon knife - sweet! I also got to open my birthday presents. Judi complemented my game with a subscription card for City of Heroes - yay! And Elsa got me the DVD set "Lost in Time" collection for Doctor Who. Quite a good haul, IMO.

Now Judi's reading over my shoulder, Elsa's in the living room typing (her story? could be!) and I'm just finishing this entry up. Oh, and Leo's trying to figure out why there's still two extra people in his house. (Wait until Wednesday when he's got 3 folks staying over.)
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